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This course allows applying the clinical competencies for advanced practice in diagnosis and management in critical care settings for the adult patient in the areas of critical care such as the alterations in the cardiac, pulmonary, nervous and hematological systems.  The course emphasizes in collaborative partnership to diagnose and manage acute and chronic disorders of the adult patient, with prominence on understanding alterations, and differentiating signs and sysmptoms to forumulate possible diagnoses and determining the effect of illnes on a diverse population.

This course provides the competencies for advanced practice in diagnosis and management in critical care setting for the adult patient.  The course reviews acute and chronic disorders of the adult patient, with emphasis on understanding pulmonary, cardiovascular, neurologic, and hematology alterations.  The course leads to understand the alterations and differentiating signs and symptoms to formulate possible diagnoses and determining the effect of illness on a diverse population. 

This course expands the knowledge acquired in the nursing research process. Through critical analysis, the need for science-based research is identified. Through the scientific method, the student will develop a research proposal on a selected topic.

This course emphasis on advanced pathophysiological processes across the lifspan, incorporating use of clinical reasoning skills to distinguish alterations across multiple physiological systems.  Students will understand the theoretical basis of pathogen and transmission characteristic interactions.

Students will comprehend the practice of epidemiology as it relates to real life and makes for a better appreciation of public health programs and policies. 

The course emphases on the knowledge and application of advanced pharmacotherapeutic principles related to the health needs of patients as well as legal and proffessional issues of prescribing.  The course covers the principles of drug action, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapeutics in the context of advanced nursing practice. 

En esta área va a encontrar información relevante y práctica de como utilizar la plataforma Moodle y la herramienta BigBlueButton. La unidad de Moodle  contiene información relevante cómo lo es gestionar el registro de calificaciones y describe cada uno de los distintos recursos didácticos  y la manera de aplicarlos. En cuanto a la unidad de BigBlueButton, tiene información de cómo utilizar esta herramienta para la creación de reuniones virtuales y las grabaciones que se crean luego de finalizada las reuniones virtuales. Espero que esta información le sea de utilidad para sus cursos.

In this area, you will find relevant and practical information on how to use the Moodle platform and the BigBlueButton tool. The Moodle unit contains relevant information such as how to manage the grade record and describes each of the different didactic resources and how to apply them. As for the BigBlueButton unit, it has information on how to use this tool for creating virtual meetings and the recordings that are created after the virtual meetings are over. I hope you find this information useful for your courses.

The course primarily focuses on the concepts of clinical judgment and decision-making, needed by advanced practice nurses as a basis for making sound clinical decisions. The clinical portion of the course involves application of a clinically oriented approach to help students master the differential diagnosis of common symptoms.

El propósito de la Biblioteca Virtual del Centro de Recursos Académicos e  Investigación es brindar una amplia oferta de recursos para la investigación, la docencia y el conocimiento. Mediante el acceso a bases de datos de e-journals, libros digitales, y entre otros, podrás acceder a recursos de información que te ayudarán para que puedas hallar información valiosa que te servirá para realizar sus tareas o necesidad de información. Asimismo, aquí encontrarás un espacio para que puedas optimizar o desarrollar las competencias del manejo de la información.

This course provides the sills to analyze the health status of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly across the lifespan.  The course emphasizes on interviewing techniques, communication, interpersonal skills and psychomotor skills.  Students will perform evaluation of health status including the role of risk factors and health promotion strategies.  Uses integration of critical thinking thru interpretation of data for the purpose of differentiating typical from atypical presentations and recognizing actual and potential health problems.  Thru the laboratory component, the student uses the nursing process performing evaluation of health status, as well as the decision-making and solution of problems related to physical assessment.  

This course focus on advanced pathophysiology processes across the lifespan, incorporating use of clinical reasoning skills to distinguish alterations across multiple physiological systems.

The course integrates theoretical conceptions that suppor advanced nursing practice. It examines different philosophies, models and theories to provide a foundation for the graduate student to transition into the advanced practice role.

This course prepare nurse practitioners to accurately describe, administer, and counsel patients regarding appropriate and safe medication regimens.  The course emphasizes on the clinical application of advanced pharmacology for common disease conditions encountered in primary care settings. It discusses principles and actions of pharmacology relative to physiologic systems, with emphasis on the application of these agents.

This course allows students to interpret and analyze the biostatistical data found in health sciences research.  Students will study multivariate techniques and apply aspects of complex research designs, including model testing, decision theory, and advanced statistical techniques.

The course focus on real use, documentation of medical record, and utilization of an electronic medical record that automate the activities of healthcare services as it applies to physicians, nurses, healthcare technicians, and administrative staff. The course comprise of readings, case studies, case studies, and hands-on labs to learn the functionality and processes to follow within the electronic medical record.

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